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Computing is taught as a dedicated subject across all year groups, in line with the National Curriculum.  We aim to produce young pupils who are digitally literate and confident users of ICT, as well as developing a broad understanding of the principles which underpin Computing to solve problems and create their own programs to meet a range of needs.  Pupils will explore a range of software and recognise the hardware needed for computers and networks, demonstrating a technical understanding of the components as well as the ways in which IT can be used in the modern world.

In Key Stage 2 pupils are taught in their form classes.  For Year 5 much of this teaching is undertaken through the use of tablet computers and Year 6 pupils move in to the Computing Suite.  They will explore a wide range of programs to research and present their ideas, as well developing and creating solutions to problems in a variety of programming languages and environments.  Pupils also develop the ability to deal with large data sources efficiently and effectively to find relevant information and present this in a way which is appropriate to the needs of the user or target audiences.  All pupils develop their knowledge of Online Safety and how to keep themselves, and others, safe when using technology.

In Key Stage 3 pupils are taught in smaller, mixed ability groupings.  They continue to build on their technical knowledge of computers as well as developing their ability to use and extensive range of software.  Pupils experience programming in casual and text based programming language (such as Scratch, Blockly and Visual Basic) throughout this Key Stage.  Computational Thinking and principles of computing are explored in more detail and there is a greater emphasis on pupils applying their IT knowledge independently.  Extended project work requiring pupils to combine skills in a range of programs becomes standard as they work through years 7 and 8 to begin preparing them for the demands they will face in Key Stage 4.  All pupils continue to develop their knowledge of Online Safety and how to keep themselves, and others, safe when using technology.

Pupils have widely varying experiences of computing outside of the classroom and this is a valuable asset in our lessons.  We expect pupils to recognise the contributions that other pupils can make to their learning and to share their knowledge with peers, helping others through such collaborations as well as deepening their own understanding of the subject content.