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The purpose of our team of experienced and enthusiastic English teachers is to make every aspect of English enjoyable and accessible to all pupils. Every student's individual needs are taken into consideration as they are being taught skills and concepts crucial in literacy.

Members of the English department work closely with the SEN department so that all children make progress. There are a variety of different resources available to enable pupils to develop their speaking and listening, writing and reading skills. These resources include; the use of an ICT lab, digital cameras, flip cameras, smart-boards, comprehension schemes, and the computerised Accelerated Reader system in the Library. We set high standards in written and oral work and encourage pupils to read widely from a variety of suitable reading materials. School materials are supplemented by visits from Book Fairs.

During their English lessons, pupils are given every opportunity to express themselves in many ways, through writing, talking, reading, acting and interacting. Pupils are grouped according to their ability and also, where appropriate, by gender. In each year group, the classes are split into at least six sets to enable smaller teaching groups where necessary.