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The main aims of the French Department are to teach French in an enjoyable, challenging and relevant way, enabling pupils of all abilities to reach their potential, and promoting the understanding of the French and french-speaking cultures world-wide. Pupils are taught in mixed ability form groups in Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7. In Year 8 French is taught in ability groups. Every Year group is taught using a range of multi-sensory techniques, and taught language and language-learning skills in a communicative environment in which they solve communication problems and develop strategies for understanding. Interactive electronic whiteboard programmes enhance the presentation and practice of French, and pupils can develop their reading and writing skills on individual desktop computers. Pupils can practice vocabulary thanks to a dedicated website for use at home (linguascope).

On a weekly basis, the pupil are given the opportunity to come to the French clubs at lunchtime. There are a variety of activities to entertain them and give them another perspective on the language, French magazines, francophone songs, French films, French penfriends, etc. This is a nice way to go beyond the National Curriculum and learn about the francophone countries.