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In order to discharge their responsibilities the Directors appoint people with local interests and connections who have relevant expertise to serve on the Local Governing Body of each school. The board then delegates various agreed functions to the members of the Local Governing Body and meets at certain times throughout the year to provide guidance and assess and monitor progress.

We are very fortunate to have wide range of skills and expertise within our local governing bodies and a group of people who are absolutely passionate about serving their community and obtaining the absolute best for every child.

Our governors provide an exceptional level of challenge and support to each school on a voluntary basis with the sole ambition of raising standards and achievement.

The role the Local Governing Body is to:

  • implement and administer the Trust’s policies at local level and report termly to the Board of Trustees
  • monitor and be accountable for the performance and standards of the school to Ofsted
  • govern exclusions in accordance with appropriate regulations
  • consider budget monitoring information and proposals
  • act as a critical friend to the Headteacher
  • represent the views of the community.
  • has earned autonomy and helps support other schools in need of education help (if outstanding school)
  • is supported to improve Ofsted and pupil outcomes (if sponsored school)
  • supports and challenges pupil performance and standards
  • knows the strengths and weaknesses of the school
  • manages the behaviour and safety of its pupils
  • supports the Headteacher in leading the staff
  • manages its own budget
Composition of our Governing Bodies Date of Appointment  BY CLT Governance in any
other school 
Business/financial Interests 
Jim Bryce Chair  February 2017  No No 
CEO of Chiltern Learning Trust Adrian Rogers


 Yes No 
Head Teacher Estelle Jennings April 2018 No No
Community Governor John Symonds  February 2017  No No 
Community Governor
Health and Safety Governor
Dawn Clarke  February 2017  No No 
Staff Governor Lucy Hourihan  February 2017  No No 
Parent Governor
Safeguarding Governor
Catriona Rolfe  October 2017  No No
Co-opted Governor John Gibson  October 2017  No  No
Co-opted Governor Lisa Kyle   February 2017  No No 
Co-opted Governor Andy Smith February 2018 No No


Tracey Cowan (NLG)                                                                                           
  • Have overall responsibilty for strategic planning and the setting of policies
    for the Chiltern Learning Trust
  • Appoint people to serve on the " Local Governing Bodies"
  • Delegates various agreed functions to the Local Governing Bodies
  • Hold the chief Executive and school to account
Brian Howseman
Simon Foster
Stewart Parfitt
Adrian Rogers (CEO)
Felicity Tasker
Lorraine Thomas

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