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The Library provides an area in the school where all are welcome and where pupils can feel secure and comfortable, in a positive and productive atmosphere.


The Library is one of the major resources of the school and the facilities it provides underpin the school’s ethos of ‘every child matters’. We aim to engender a love of books and enthusiasm for reading so that it becomes a lifelong process.

We will do our best to:

  • Be friendly and helpful
  • Make sure that the library is a pleasant and welcoming place and an oasis of calm
  • Make sure that we provide a range of books and authors
  • Provide you with resources to undertake research for homework
  • Listen to your opinions and suggestions

We ask that you do your best to:

  • Ask for help when needed
  • Use the Library sensibly and responsibly
  • Return/renew books weekly
  • Have all books computer checked before you leave
  • Leave the shelves tidy with books upright
  • Help us by giving us your comments and suggestions

Accelerated Reader the Marston Vale Way

  • Pupils choose a book according to their reading age which is taken from data both through English testing and the Star Reader tests on AR.
  • There are a variety of books with different genres and difficulty levels (for pupils with learning difficulties to high achievers.
  • They may return a book at lunch time if they are not enjoying or find it too difficult.
  • If a test is failed, they indicate the reason by writing a comment in their diary next to the AR stamp and a conversation takes place as to how we may help. ( book choice, writing notes etc)
  • Books with over 300 words are given to pupils with a high reading age and they are given two weeks to complete the book. ( I also encourage them to take it over the holidays which gives them more time and an extension if really long)
  • Extensions are given to pupils depending on circumstances, sickness, home problems etc.
  • Missing homework is only given if they fail two books in a row and are not given to Year 5 pupils until half-term 3.
  • It is part of their English homework and is in their diary (page 13)
  • An English Specialist and I run a Reading Club at lunch time and pupils are requested to attend if they are not passing. Many pupils attend just to catch up or want a quiet space to read.
  • Each pupil in Year 7&8 are given a target each half term, which is negotiated with the pupil; depending on their reading ability and data.
  • Year 5/6 English teachers are given a Diagnostic Report each Monday, which indicates progress. Year 7/8 every half term.

Enjoy you Library - Mrs Collins

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