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Mathematics must be an experience from which pupils can confidently derive pleasure and enjoyment, developing positive attitudes to the subject as they progress through the school.

Our work is purposeful, geared to the different capabilities of individual pupils, and seeks to develop their skills and abilities in a coherent and logical way. Appropriate and particular reference to the importance of Mathematics in the world beyond school provides a context within which we seek to prepare pupils for their future.

The pupils, working independently or as members of groups, engage in a variety of activities which provide them with a range of practical investigative oral, written and problem-solving experiences. Resources such as Interactive White Boards, Active Expression handsets, books, laptops, iPads, calculators and mathematical instruments are in constant use to extend and develop pupils' opportunities to respond fully to the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The Mymaths website is used extensively by teachers and pupils, both in the classroom and at home. Each pupil is given their own password to access the website, this allows pupils to personalise their own learning and become independent learners. 

Pupils are grouped according to their ability in Years 5/6/7/8 wherever possible. In each year group, the 5 classes are split into 6 sets to enable smaller teaching groups where necessary.

Maths Calculation Guidance