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Our Pupil Council asked for a mufti day to take place at the end of each half term as a reward.  Pupils need to accumulate 3 PRP's each half term to qualify for mufti.  They gain these by being Ready, Respectful and Responsible.

If a pupil does not qualify they are not punished; they are expected in school, in uniform, for a normal school day. They have every opportunity to qualify the following half term. Any pupil who comes in mufti without qualifying, will spend the day in isolation.

Marston Vale Middle School prides itself on the excellent behaviour of its pupils, which takes a lot of support from staff and team work with our students. This reward has been a particularly powerful positive behaviour management technique, not least because it was put forward by our pupils.

The qualifying criteria for the end of half term mufti will appear in our 2017-2018 pupil planner/diary.

We would like to thank parents for their continuing support in promoting positive behaviour in our school community. 

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