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School Meals


The cost of meals for half term, Wednesday 5th September £74.75  (33days @ £2.25).  Cheques payable to Caterlink Ltd please.

If you believe your child is entitled to free school meals (and does not already receive them), please visit the Bedford Borough Council website, 

In the event your child forgets their dinner money or packed lunch we will arrange for them to be provided with either a sandwich or a smaller hot meal at a cost of £1 to avoid going hungry.  The school will send a text to advise parents if their child has received a substituted lunch, the money should be sent in with the pupil on the following day and handed into reception.

Please note cheques will not be accepted without the following information on the reverse:

Cheque Guarantee Number
Valid from Date
Expiry Date
Childs Name
Parents Address
Unit Number (903580)
The school does not provide school meals. Caterlink is a separate company that is contracted by Bedford Borough Council to provide school meals. Caterlink do not provide meals for the pupils who have forgotten their dinner money.