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GL Progress Tests – All Year Groups
Marston Vale Middle School has joined with other middle schools in introducing new progress tests; these will enable us to carefully monitor the progress of our pupils from entry in year 5 through to the final tests in year 8 and to identify any areas of a pupil’s knowledge that may need consolidating. 
The tests in English, Maths and Science are set by the leading national provider of independent tests in England, GL Assessment, who are part of Pearson International. GL set and mark the tests, and grade pupils against their national performance data. Our pupils are tested in the summer term each year.
Once pupils have taken these tests in 2 consecutive years, GL can then assess the rates of progress made by Marston Vale Middle School pupils. In 2017 all year groups will have completed GL tests in two consecutive years.
In the GL test, a standardised score of 100 is the national average and results are distributed across 5 attainment categories:
•    Very high – top 4% of national results
•    Above average – the next 19% of national results
•    Average – the middle 54% of national results
•    Below average –19% of national results
•    Very low - 4% of national results
Year 5 took the GL tests in their first week at Marston Vale Middle School, and will be retested in May 2017. They sat the end of Year 4 version of the test series.
The average overall score for Year 5 in September 2016 was 96.4; our Year 5 pupils are strongest in English with an average score of 99.1 and achieved a lower average score of 92.49 in Maths. In Science they scored an average of 97.7. This puts our Year 5 pupils broadly in line with the national average in English and Science, but nearly half the year group are below average or very low in Maths.


Year 6 have an average overall score of 104.1, and are strongest in Science with a score 105.9 and again weaker in Maths with an average score of 102. Their average English scaled score is 104.4. Our pupils are therefore performing above the national expectation in all subjects, particularly in Science where the score is significantly better than national figures. There are fewer pupils falling into the lower ability groups than nationally, and a marked difference between them and the Year 5 cohort.

Year 7 are also performing above the national average with far fewer low attainers than there are nationally in this year group. Our pupils achieved an overall average score of 103.1; 101.3 in English, 104.8 in Maths and 103.3 in Science.

Our Year 8 pupils have the highest scores of all year groups, achieving an overall average of 106.4; 106.3 in English and 106.4 in Maths. Only 9% of our pupils fall into the below average and very low categories in English, and 45% of the year group are above average or very high in Maths.
GL Assessment tests aren’t available in Science unfortunately, but we will be able to monitor progress of our current Year 7 in Science at the end of Year 8 as they took the GL science test in Year 6.