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We live in an increasingly technological world and our Science Curriculum will help children make sense of it. Our aim is to promote interest in and an enthusiasm for the subject by stimulating pupil curiosity.

The traditional disciplines of Science are studied in all year groups but are now called Life Processes (Biology), Materials (Chemistry), Physical Processes (Physics).

From 2008 the emphasis in Key Stage 3 has shifted to how Science works in real life.

All appropriate Attainments Targets and Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum are covered by the Science course. The curriculum is delivered using a number of different approaches including practical work, using scientific apparatus, videos, Interactive White Boards, television science programmes and field studies. Children usually work in groups where their personal and social skills can be developed. All this combined with a positive learning environment makes Science at Marston Vale exciting and interesting as well as informative.

 Pupils in Key Stage 3 are grouped according to their ability in Science.