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Welcome Message

Marston Vale Middle School represents a culture of high aspiration, high expectations and success. Our aim is to provide an outstanding learning experience for all pupils which inspires and empowers them to achieve their best.”

As a school, we strongly believe in partnerships working together in the best interests of all our pupils. Parents/carers, pupils, staff, governors, community groups and friends all work together to ensure that the young people in our school enjoy their learning journey and achieve exceptional results. When parents entrust their child into our care, we am committed to the following:

  • Your child will be treated as an individual whose individual needs are identified and met.
  • Your child will be supported to grow and achieve academically and socially.
  • Your child will have a very broad and complete education.
  • Your child will thrive, succeed and be able to fulfil their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

The experience of life as a Marston Vale Middle School pupil enables them to achieve great things, they have great futures ahead of them, they are, indeed, simply great!