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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Our Houses

At Marston Vale Middle School, all Pupils and Staff belong to a house.

The House system is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and aims to be an integral part of our school community.


We are proud to have selected four iconic individuals that epitomise our vision. They’re all inspirational, have achieved phenomenal accolades and continue to empower many. Our house system is led by nominated house captains in each year group who motivate and encourage inclusive participation. Our house competitions run across every subject over each academic year. Activities include; Times table competitions, baking challenges, sports tournaments, university challenges and many more. Our pupils are also awarded house points in lessons which contribute to their overall house point totals.  


House System Objectives:

Our aim is to provide every pupil in each house with the following:

  • A sense of belonging within the school community
  • Opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills
  • A sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Fun and excitement through competition
  • Opportunities for leadership
  • An awareness of individual and collective responsibility


  Blue House - Rowling

Our blue house is inspired by famous British authors. Our chosen author is JK Rowling. The author of Harry Potter and a widely regarded philanthropist, JK Rowling.


Yellow House - Bowie

Our yellow house is inspired by famous British artists and musicians. Our chosen musician is David Bowie who was an English rock star known for dramatic musical transformations, including his character Ziggy Stardust.


  Green House - Peake

Our green house is inspired by famous British explorers and inventors. Our chosen explorer is Commander Tim Peake who spent six years training for his mission to the International Space Station. He was chosen above 8,000 other applicants who responded to an internal advert from the European Space Agency entitled “Do you want to be an Astronaut?”


 Red House - Hawking

Our red house is inspired by famous British mathematicians. Our chosen mathematician is Stephen Hawking who was the former Dennis Stanton Avery and Sally Tsui Wong-Avery Director of Research at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. A Founder of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge and author of A Brief History of   Time.