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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Pastoral Support


Successful learning thrives when pupils feel safe, confident, respected, valued and intrigued. From the moment a child obtains a place at Marston Vale Middle, the process of supporting them to become a successful learner within a nurturing environment begins.


On entering the school, all students become members of a form group comprising of students of the same age who are all experiencing the same stage of their education. The form tutor maintains an overview of each child’s academic and personal development and meets twice a day – during morning registration and our pastoral time (25 Minutes) at the end of each day. A pupil’s form tutor is the main point of contact for pupils, and their parents if they have any concerns.


A Head of Year leads the form tutor. The Head of Year has an overview of the pupils in the year group and works strategically with the young person, tutor and parents to support the young person.


At Marston Vale our dedicated pupil support team offer high-quality pastoral care and assistance to pupils and families throughout their time with us. We recognise that in order to help our young people achieve we need to focus on their health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Through this we will ensure that pupils are empowered and confident to lead happy and successful lives. The services of various professionals such as School counsellor, School Nurse and referrals to access extra support where needed is also available to ensure every child is happy, well looked after and supported.


We believe in creating a caring and supportive environment in which pupils are confident ambitious learners. At Marston Vale we have a house system with 4 houses- Bowie, Hawking, Peake and Rowling. Pupils are rewarded with house points via our online reward system called Epraise. Behaviour points are also issued via Epraise and parents can access this information by downloading the Epraise app or accessing it online. Pupils also have access to their Epraise account and can see their own house points. They can also sign up for clubs online and parents can do this on their child’s behalf. Form tutors and school staff will monitor pupils’ achievement and behaviour throughout their journey at Marston - to ensure that they can reach their full potential, and thrive at our excellent school.