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Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance

Career Opportunities at Marston Vale Middle School

At Marston, we pride ourselves on ensuring our pupils have opportunities to engage with different career opportunities throughout Key Stage 3.

Our careers leader at Marston is Miss Eales.  She can be contacted via telephone at school or via email at ceales@marstonvalemiddle.co.uk

The careers programme involves pupils being introduced to a range of experience both inside and outside the classroom. Pupils have the opportunity to view, learn and engage with various different career paths. This includes learning about various qualifications required, career prospects, salaries etc. Students are able to assess their own likes and dislikes with regards to what kind of career would be suitable for them.

The following areas are covered in our careers programme:

  • How well you are getting on in each of your subjects in school
  • Identify subjects they are good at
  • Identify what you like and don’t like
  • Identify facts about a variety of jobs
  • Know the difference between closed and open questions.
  • Know what people do when they are at work.
  • Know how to get a specific job.
  • Know what ‘employability skills’ are and how they relate to school skills.
  • Identify our own skills, qualities and interests, and what sort of work would suit you.
  • Understand which careers are open to them.
  • Explore employability skills
  • Create the own enterprise projects
  • Know and use interviews techniques
  • Develop CV writing skills.

How do we measure and assess the impact of the careers programme on pupils

Before the start of the units, students are asked to rate their level of knowledge regarding careers, where they see themselves going and how to achieve these steps.

By the end of the unit, we then ask the students again, which we can measure what they might be interested in.

All pupils in Year 8 study a unit on careers as part of their PSHCE lessons. 

We always welcome the opportunity for local colleges and organisations to come into school and discuss with our pupils their future career opportunities.

A provider wishing to request access should contact Miss Eales, Careers Coordinator.

Telephone: 01234 768224
Email: ceales@marstonvalemiddle.co.uk.

Overview of Careers and links to Gatsby Benchmarks (B 1-7)

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 5
  • Raising Aspirations - assemblies, form time activities. (B4)
  • Careers Carousel at MVM  (B5 & B7) (Biannual)
  • Identifying job interests and aspirations; what influences career choices; workplace stereotypes.  PSHE


Year 6
  • Raising Aspirations - assemblies, form time activities. (B4)
  • Influences and attitudes to money; money and financial risks.  PSHE
  • Careers Carousel at MVM (B5 & B7) (Biannual)
Year 7
  • Integrated Careers opportunities during curriculum subjects. (B4)
  • Careers, Enterprise skills, and raising aspirations-PSHE
  • Guest speakers in Assemblies (B5)
  • Raising Aspirations - assemblies, form time activities. (B4)
  • Careers Carousel at MVM  (B5 and B7) (Biannual)
  • Work Shadow Day (Biannual) (B6
Year 8
  • Year 8 Integrated Careers opportunities during curriculum subjects. (B4)
  • Equality of opportunity in careers, and life choices, different types of work. PSHE)
  • Guest speakers in Assemblies (B5)
  • Raising Aspirations - assemblies, form time activities.(B4)
  • Careers Carousel at MVM  (B5 & B7) (Biannual)
  • Work Shadow Day (Biannual) (B6)
  • Encounter (s) with apprenticeship worker (s). (B5) - PAL
  • Experience as "School Receptionist" (1 day per academic year)