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Extra Curricular Opportunities at Marston Vale Middle School

We are pleased to offer a range of extra-curricular clubs and opportunities for our pupils at Marston Vale Middle School.
Attending extra-curricular clubs, competitions, trips or events can inspire pupils to find new passions and hobbies.  We offer a range of extra-curricular clubs each half term to provide opportunities for all pupils to engage in out-of-class learning and find something they enjoy.
Pupils have opportunities to achieve in all aspects of school life.  Subject-specific clubs such as the Historical Society and Science Club allow pupils to explore topics outside of the National Curriculum and take on leadership opportunities, such as delivering assemblies to their peers.  Pupils have opportunities to attend a range of fixtures and sporting events around the local area including the Chiltern Learning Trust Sports Days held at Bedford International Athletics Stadium.
Our extra-curricular offer empowers pupils.  We want pupils to build independence, make new friendships, become leaders and be active members of their local community.  Pupil voice influences the choice of clubs on offer, as well as the activities and competitions we attend throughout the school year.
We encourage all pupils to sign up for our extra-curricular lunch time clubs via Epraise, most of which are free of charge.   A copy of our summer term timetable is below.  Epraise is linked to the email account of the parent/carer on registering the pupil at Marston Vale Middle School. 
If you have any queries please contact the school office.

















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